The iconic Porsche 911 to receive a new 3.6-litre engine for 2025

Kenneth John Published: December 26, 2023, 04:59 PM IST

Even though we've had 8 generations of the iconic 911 sports car from Porsche, the German marquee assures us that the car will soldier on for a few more years to cater to its very committed fan base. We could see a new car debut within the next 6 to 8 months. For the 2025 model year, Porsche is revamping its 911 range. The anticipated upgrades include the installation of a hybrid system as well as an all-new 3.6-litre engine to be used in various 911 versions.

The battery at the core of Porsche's hybrid unit cannot be plugged in and is intended to be charged on the move using a combination of combustion engine and kinetic energy generated during braking. According to reports, the Porsche's electric powertrain will produce somewhere between 80 to 90PS and approximately 130Nm of torque.

The upcoming 911 GTS's engine displacement will allegedly increase to 3.6 litres from 3.0 litres. The 3.7-litre engines in the Turbo and Turbo S variants will be replaced with a more modern, more economical twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre engine. The naturally aspirated 4.0-litre engine is retained in the GT3 and its wingless GT3 Touring equivalent.

According to claimed internal and external documentation, the 3.6-liter engine in the GTS produces 483PS and 560Nm of torque. The 3.0 produces 473PS and 570 Nm of torque at the crankshaft.

The hybrid configuration should add no more than 25 kilos. A more powerful 911 hybrid is said to have 535PS. The flagship GT2 RS is also said to be a hybrid, but with a total power that is expected to exceed 800PS.

The updated Porsche 911 will be available to purchase over the next few months as a 2025 model. Porsche has mastered the art of making the most out of their vehicles, and based on the planned 911 revisions, it looks like one of the most legendary sports cars ever created still has some juice left in it.


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