Mercedes-Benz EQS facelift brings subtle changes and longer range

Gajanan Kashikar Published: April 12, 2024, 05:55 PM IST

The Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off the EQS facelift. Building on the first-ever EQS, the brand has made several updates to its top-of-the-line electric sedan. For international markets, the refreshed sedan will be available for order starting on 25 April, 2024, with unchanged basic prices.

Mercedes-Benz EQS facelift: Design

The EQS facelift carries over its sophisticated, futuristic design while incorporating fresh elements to enhance its appeal. These enhancements include chrome elements on the grille, reminiscent of traditional radiator grilles, as well as the iconic 'star' hood ornament found on other Mercedes-Benz models. The front end of the EQS now features a redesigned radiator cover with chrome applications as standard in the 'Electric Art Line'.

One of the key features in the EQS facelift is the optional Extended Rear Luxury Lounge Pack, which claims to enhance the comfort of rear occupants. This package includes a special slanted footrest, an adjustable rear backrest up to 38 degrees, and increased foam in the rear seats to ensure a relaxing experience for passengers. Seat heating, neck and shoulder heating, and pneumatic seat depth adjustment add to the luxurious experience.

The EQS facelift also integrates the MBUX Hyperscreen as standard, a three-display system that merges almost seamlessly into one another, creating a screen strip over 141cm wide. In addition, the EQS features Dolby Atmos sound technology and a digital travel guide for a more immersive and interactive driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz EQS facelift: Range and performance

One of the most significant improvements in the EQS facelift is the larger 118kWh battery pack, which extends its range by approximately 82km. The larger battery capacity also increases the range of the EQS 450 4MATIC from 717 to 799km and allows the EQS 450+ to reach up to 822km, both depending on driving conditions. These improvements represent an increase in the range of over 11 per cent. For India, the updated EQS facelift could offer a range north of 900km. Currently, the pre-facelift sedan has an ARAI range of 857km with an old battery unit.

Mercedes-Benz EQS facelift: Towing capacity and braking system

The EQS facelift also gains an increased in towing capacity for the EQS and EQE sedans, with 4Matic from 750 to 1,700kg. This brings the towing capacity in line with the EQS SUV derivatives and enables users to tow larger trailers or horse trailers.

In response to the high proportion of recuperation in daily operation, Mercedes-Benz has implemented a special function to maintain the brake system. The function automatically applies the pads to the discs from time to time, ensuring the brake system remains in good condition.

Mercedes-Benz EQS facelift: ADAS

With the new Automatic Lane Change (ALC) function, Mercedes-Benz has offered an intelligent development of driving assistance systems in the SAE Level 2 range in Europe. This feature supports automatic lane changes on motorways with two lanes and a speed limit of up to 140kmph.

If a slower vehicle is detected ahead, the EQS can initiate the lane change itself within a speed range of 80–140kmph. The car will overtake the slower vehicle automatically if sufficient space and clear lane markings are identified. The system requires no additional input from the driver to perform the lane change, but the driver remains responsible for monitoring the lane change.

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