Lexus ES 300h launched in India, prices start from Rs 59.71 lakh

Kenneth John Updated: October 12, 2022, 12:05 PM IST

An upgraded Lexus ES 300h sedan is now available, with prices beginning at Rs 59.71 lakh and rising to Rs 65.81 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). This increases its price above the previous model by up to Rs 3.96 lakh. The ES is produced there, making the nation the fourth market outside of Japan where it is made domestically. The company has made some slight adjustments to the car's design and interior since local production began in 2020.

The sedan's general shape and style are identical to those of the outgoing model. However, as part of the small cosmetic makeover, the 2022 ES 300h receives a new Lexus insignia. The boot may now be opened and closed without using your hands.

The ES 300h's petrol-electric hybrid powertrain remains to power it, and the upgrade doesn't offer any technical changes. The system combines a 218PS, 2.5-liter gasoline engine with an 88 kW permanent magnet electric motor. A CVT gearbox is used to transmit the power to the front wheels.

By increasing the amount of storage space within the cabin, the upgrade modifies the inside of the automobile subtly. A new speech recognition system and a "profile function" that lets users customize multimedia settings are two additional features added to the ES. Apple CarPlay is also wirelessly supported, however, Android Auto is still wired.

Apart from that, the vehicle is well-equipped with amenities like a 17-speaker Mark Levinson sound system, three-zone temperature control, power-reclining back seats, and more.

Lexus India is offering the ES 300h in two variants - Exquisite and Luxury. The former is priced at Rs 59.71 lakh and the latter at Rs 65.81 lakh. The Lexus ES competes against other high-end vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Volvo S90, and Jaguar XF.

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